Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nikolai Pozdneev - Still Life in Grass

First of all, in paintings of late 1950 - early 1960s Nikolai Pozdneev revealed as a talented colorist, has a rare natural sense of color. His painting style features a powerful broad paint, energetic separate swab and complex texture of painting, original composition and artistry of execution.

But perhaps the main feature of his style it is striking at first glance at his paintings was their original line-up. Nikolai Pozdneev had a rare gift as everyday painter and colorist. It seems all that surrounded him, was at hand, any thing, piece of furniture or household stage, he easily could turn into an original and profound poetic image.

It was the natural state of the artist, that we call a natural gift, talent, and not strained to stand out. In his still lifes, genre scenes Nikolai Pozdneev conveyed a sense of the his time, of simple human relations. His art, like the master himself, was a kind and ingenuous, full of optimism, sometimes ironic, and speaks of the fullness of life.
Still Life in Grass

Spring day

Autumn Day

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