Thursday, 2 July 2009


Vexations is a 3,360 page book of photographs that serves as the interpretation of the piece for piano of the same name, composed by erik satie in 1893. it features work by aurelien arbet, jeremie egry, marco barrera and nicholas poillot

Translated with babelfish and is at points understandable - VEXATIONS is the plastic interpretation of work for piano of the same name, composed by Erik Satie in 1893. Original work consists of a musical fragment of 4 sections to carry out 840 times of continuation without stop. According to the tempo adopted by the interpreter, the complete execution of work can last between fourteen and twenty four hours. This musical text is a repetition of a single reason has and of its harmonizations A1 and A2 in the form has - A1 - has - A2. The single edition created by collective JSBJ is based in its form on the few rules imposed by the type-setter. This work thus constitutes a deliver-sculpture of 3360 pages made up of a succession of 4 photographs each one repeated 840 times. The contents as for him, were thought in agreement with the few mentions indicated by Erik Satie. The tempo is read “Very slow”, the photocopied images return thus to a feeling of depth, disproportion, trouble and vacuum. At the head of partition, the type-setter also writes this note: “To play 840 times of continuation this reason, it will be good to prepare as a preliminary, and in greatest silence, by serious immobilities”. The consultation of this work will thus plunge the regardor in an impression of torpor, illusion, frustration and infinite. Vexations is an enigmatic work which cannot be included/understood and to test itself better only in the duration. That supposes to traverse it a time at least, “at will, not more”, as Satie wrote it.

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  1. Eric Satie used to post hoax adverts in the Paris newspapers. My favourite is

    TALKING CAT FOR SALE (Bores Easily).